Bear Container:

Your hike. Your food. Keep it yours.

Getting out and spending extended time in the backcountry refreshes the mind and body. Hikers with all levels of experience know that new trips present opportunities to try different equipment and learn something new. For many hikers, bear resistant containers have become one of the most important new pieces of gear. 

The BearVault withstood an entire hour of nonstop clawing and chewing from mighty Montana Grizzlies.

BearVault containers are designed to be lightweight and strong, easy to carry everywhere your heart desires, and sturdy enough to keep out one of nature’s most formidable creatures – bears. Everyone loves the term “bear proof” because it makes you feel safe, but in reality, there are no bear proof containers on the market that can actually make the claim of being 100% bear proof. However, the IGBC has given its highest level of certification, Bear Resistant Container, to BearVault for withstanding an entire hour of nonstop clawing and chewing from mighty Montana Grizzlies.

Bears are extremely curious, determined, and intelligent creatures. They are strong and tenacious which is why it sometimes comes as a surprise that part of the success behind a bear container is actually about brains versus brawn. 

Bewildering Bears...Brains versus brawn?

All the design features in our bear resistant containers are engineered to be super tough while remaining light, but being strong is only half the job of bear resistant food containers. BearVault’s hidden strength is in its ability to bewilder bears. It is specifically designed big and round to be slippery and hard for a bear to sink their teeth into. The strength of the lid, and the seam between the lid and can are given extra reinforcement to prevent breaching. All these features leave the bear tuckered out and perplexed that the BearVault won’t pop open and give up the tasty treats within. Most of the time, bears lose interest because the whole ordeal is just asking for too much time and energy with too little reward.

Bear proof container from BearVault®

A bear food container, while the most tangible and practical part of food safety in the wild, is part of an integrated approach that includes using the container properly and practicing good bear safety habits!

Keep the Lid Closed

Always Keep the lid closed and locked on your bear container. This includes around camp and especially while cooking and eating!

Keep Scented Items in Your Container

Trash, lotion, toothpaste, and anything else with a scent needs to be stored inside your container.

Store Container Away From Camp

At night and around camp, store your BearVault outside of your backpack and at least 100 yards from your tent, downwind.

Using the container properly:

You can find all sorts of tips, tricks, and how-to videos on becoming a bear safe container expert on our use page.

Using a bear container for backpacking is just the one part of traveling in an area with bears and respecting wildlife! You can learn more about bear spray, types of bears, bear bells, and much more on our bears page.

BearVault® Bear Food Container

What the Hikers Say

We’re happy to say that our customers approve of and appreciate our bear resistant containers just as much as we do. Here are a few reviews from our customers:

Bear Container: Keep Your Food Safe

Your hike. Your food. Keep it that way.

Our bear resistant food containers are the best. They’re easy to carry. And they’re proven to work. You can enjoy your hike and not worry about a bear crashing your party and stealing your food.