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Certified Bear Resistant Logo - Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee

BearVault is certified to withstand over one hour of non-stop testing by Grizzlies.

"Had a grizzly come into our camp in the day while we were setting up tents. He was not worried about us as we yelled and told him to take off. That night he came back and tried out our Bear Vaults. I am happy to say I got some very cool trophy scratches on my vaults and the bear did not get in to them. Fun! That scratched up vault goes with me everywhere I camp now. It is not just for bears. It has kept out all sorts of critters." - David, British Columbia
"I’ve been a happy user of my BV450 for about 4.5 years and this is the first time an animal has disturbed it. The good news is that the bear gave up - victory for the BV450! My food was intact and the bear didn’t decide to bother me either!"- Jeff, North Carolina
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Where do I need a BearVault?

Much of North America is home to Grizzly Bears and Black Bears.  We all have a responsibility to protect these incredible creatures and the wild spaces where they live. This starts with properly storing your food so that bears can live naturally and your trip stays safe and fun!

In addition to the many parks, forests, and trails that mandate the use of bear resistant food storage, we recommend carrying your BearVault in all places inhabited by bears.

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