We ship within one business day of order placement (weekends and public holidays excluded). Shipping times vary across the country, and we may give you different options at checkout. Shipments are sent via courier or USPS. BearVaults are bulky items, and tend to be costly to ship. We try to pass on the lowest rates available. Occasionally we may offer free or discounted shipping in some regions, for a limited time. International shipments (including to Canada) incur extra costs and time; cost and estimated delivery times will be sent after the initial order. We periodically receive requests from overseas from backpackers planning ahead for their trip. Shipping costs to Europe are very, very high, (usually more than the cost of your BearVault). Because of this, we advise international visitors to plan to purchase their BearVaults at a US store upon arrival, or to purchase it online and arrange delivery to the hotel or another address at their arrival destination.


We accept returns in a 30-day period after your BearVault was purchased. For a full refund, the BearVault must be returned in new condition, with no signs of damage, wear or use. Items that are not in new condition may be issued a partial refund, or no refund, at our discretion. We do not cover return shipping charges, or accept items COD.