The standards that define how BearVaults are made

BearVault Manufacturing Code of Conduct

At BearVault, we are committed to:

  • Excellence in manufacturing practices through all of our business touchpoints
  • Ethical and responsible conduct throughout our operations
  • Fair, safe, healthy, balanced, and respectful rights of all employees
  • Respect for the environment as a core value

The Base Standard

As a base standard, BearVault supports and adopts the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) Fair Labor Code of Conduct. This standard was developed based on the International Labor Organization principles and UN guidelines for fair and safe labor and human rights practices. The standard addresses fair labor standards and environmental practices at a high level. This is also the base standard that we require of all our suppliers.

Exceeding Base Standards

BearVault and all its suppliers exceed the OIA Fair Labor Code of Conduct by complying with more stringent local US labor laws. BearVault and all its suppliers manufacture all product components in the USA, and adhere to labor standards in those states. 

Beyond base standards and local compliance, BearVault goes the extra mile for its employees by offering generous compensation, benefits, and work-life balance options. BearVault is a family business, and our work environment is akin to a close work family – cordial, respectful, flexible, and supportive. We are committed to an open-minded, collaborative, and fair work environment for all, and we recognize that diversity contributes to an effective and successful organizational culture. BearVault prohibits discrimination in employment on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, ancestry, disability,  age, genetic information, or family medical history.


Environmental stewardship is at the core of our business values. What begins with a love of bears and wildlife extends to so many aspects of our interactions with our world. BearVault goes well beyond compliance with laws. We also adopt credible, proactive measures to mitigate negative impacts on human health and the environment.


BearVault engages in projects that improve our local community, access to the outdoors, wildlife and wild land preservation (especially for bears), climate mitigation, waste reduction, and outdoor education. We do this directly, through partnerships, and by providing financial or other support.


BearVault maintains open and forthright communications about its business practices, and maintains accurate employee, payroll, supplier and location records, which can all be verified upon request by qualified third parties.

Continuous Improvement

BearVault employees regularly participate in our continuous improvement approach, brainstorming and implementing ways to further improve work, safety, and environmental standards. Our employees regularly participate in education and meetings, including a Leave No Trace training in outdoor ethics, Green Star Business trainings in waste reduction, OIA and Climate Action Corps seminars, and a variety of other professional development and sustainability workshops. By sharing ideas and taking a community-minded approach, we are constantly working to improve our processes and stewardship role in this world. 

The BearVault Supply Chain

BearVault manufactures its finished products in house at its headquarters in Louisville, Colorado. BearVault’s component, packaging, and print suppliers are also all located in the United States, spanning from the West Coast to the East. 

When we consider suppliers, we ask a lot of questions about their labor and environmental practices, to ensure that we have alignment in our values when it comes to looking after people and this world we all share. We specifically choose suppliers for some of these attributes.