BearVault BV475-Trek


Pack compactly and take a longer trip! A smaller option for long distance backpackers, and also ideal for a shorter small group or family trip, most people can fit about 5-6 days of food in here. Extreme food dehydrators can fit even more! Durable and tough, keep bears and critters at bay while you trek to the next supply stop or to the trail’s end.

  • Specifically designed to be wide, round and slippery to reduce leverage points for entry from bear jaws, claws and paws
  • Weight is low and volume is high, thanks to the durable, polycarbonate construction
  • Transparent canister is easy to see into and doesn’t require you to empty the contents of the container to find specific items
  • Wide opening allows you to reach all the way in to find your tasty treats
  • Screw-on lid is intuitive and secure, and doesn’t require extra tools to operate; no need to overtighten
  • Strap guides aid in strapping and packing canister to your preference; an ideal place for your can is inside your pack just above your sleeping bag
  • Rounded corners allow for smooth packing and removal
  • Container doubles as a camp stool, a luxury most backpackers leave behind; close lid fully when using as a stool to preserve the screw-top threads
  • This BearVault model has approval from the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee
  • Fits about 5-6 days of food for one person.

BearVault® Model BV475-Trek

Weight 2.25 lb | 2 lb 4 oz | 1.03 kg
Interior volume (usable space) 2.5 Gal | 565 cubic inches | 9.3 L
Capacity 5-6 days
Material Specialty rugged polycarbonate and other durable resins
Diameter 8.7 in | 22.1 cm
Height 10.5 in | 26.7 cm
IGBC Certification #5423
California Resident Notice Prop 65

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