Win a Backpacker’s Pantry 3-day Meal Kit and BearVault BV475-Trek

Ready for backpacking season? We’ve teamed up with Backpacker’s Pantry to get you well fed and your food protected this year. We are giving away a BearVault BV475-Trek and a 3-Day Meal Kit from backpackers pantry! 

Win a Backpacker's Pantry 3-Day Meal Kit

Backpacker’s pantry is known for their superior flavor and dependable sustenance that keeps you going when putting in hard miles on the trail. Their three day meal kits are filled to the brim with their best recipes. If you’re looking to nail the food on your next backpacking trip, look no further than the 3-Day meal kit from Backpacker’s Pantry. 

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Woman outdoors using BV475

Win a BearVault BV475-Trek Canister

BearVault is the leader in proven backcountry food storage solutions that keep your food and scented items safe from bears and all the forest creatures that would like a bite. These canisters protect the wildlife and give you peace of mind to explore confidently knowing your food is secure. The BearVault BV475-Trek is one of our most popular sizes, and offers 5-6 day capacity for food!


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