Frontiersman Bear Spray


7.9 oz Frontiersman Bear Attack Deterrent with 30 foot range.

Contains 2.0% CRC which is the maximum allowed by the EPA. Field tested and proven effective by the Elmendorf Air Force Base in Alaska and Brown Bear Resources in Montana. Highly effective in extreme temperatures and will not freeze. It’s glow-in-the-dark safety mechanism allows outdoorsmen to locate canister even in the dark. Special tie attachment prevents misplacement of safety mechanism. 

In stock

8.5″ Tall

2.7″ Trigger and Nozzle Length

2″ Cylinder Diameter

7.9 oz Volume of Capsaicin Bear Deterrent

10.375 oz Total Weight

A great addition to a BearVault to make sure you have the tools to stay safe in bear country.

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