Discover your BearVault and lid replacement options

As BearVault has innovated over the past 20 years our design has changed accordingly. There are several styles of canister in use. All are great canisters and are certified for use everywhere. However, we only offer replacement lids for models produced since 2006.

BearVault 200

May 2004 - March 2005

Lid Height: .75″
Distinguishing Features: Smooth sides with no ribs & very thin lid
Replacement Lids Available: No

After several years of prototyping and testing, we debuted the BV-200 in late spring of 2004. This canister was unlike anything on the market and was an instant favorite among backpackers. 

300 & 250

April 2005 - May 2006

Lid Height: 1.25″
Distinguishing Features: Thinner lid without sticker on top
Replacement Lids Available: No

In 2006 we launched the BV-300 and BV-250. These canisters had taller lids with robust threads and new ribs to reduce compression. We also unveiled the BV-250 which offered a 4-day capacity.

400 & 350

June 2006 - April 2008

Lid Height: 1.5″
Distinguishing Features: Lid has one nub and rectangular sticker
Replacement Lids Available: Yes – buy here

Continuing to innovate, in 2006 we began to sell the BV-400 and BV-350. These canisters had even taller lids to enhance durability and reliability of the threads.

500 & 450

May 2008 - Present

Lid Height: 1.5″
Distinguishing Features: Lid has two numbs and rectangular stickers
Replacement Lids Available: Yes – buy here

In our quest to create the best bear canister, we adjusted the lid design in 2008 to include a second nub on that ensured that even the most persistent bears are no match for the BV-500 and BV-450.

What's in a sticker?

Since 2008 we have experimented with different stickers on our lids. All variations of stickers shown here are compatable with our current replacement BV-450 & BV-500 lids.

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