A backpacker carrying a BearVault looks over an alpine meadow in Colorado.

From the Colorado Trail Foundation: Bears, Critters, and Food Storage on the CT

It’s always interesting to see how different trail organizations approach food storage. Longer trails often pass through areas managed by several different organizations including the National Park Service, USFS, and BLM. This can make it very difficult to create a concise food storage plan for thru-hikers.

Luckily, if you’re thinking about hiking the Colorado Trail, the CTF has released a great new article discussing food storage along the trail corridor. If you’re curious about food storage throughout Colorado or interested in what some of the people most involved with its land and wildlife are saying, check out the page below!

It’s an informative and quick read, and anyone headed out on the Colorado Trail should definitely give it a look.

Spoiler alert: the easiest way to keep your food safe in the wilderness is to put it in a BearVault.

Bears, Critters, and Food Storage on the CT

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