Wild bear attacking a BearVault
 – YouTube

“We’re fellow San Diegans who are very happy with your BearVault product. I own another brand of bear canister that’s smaller and heavier, too. It’s now relegated to a “display model”.  This summer, we had our brand-new BearVault 500 with us in the High Sierra. The canister is easy to load, easy to find things in due to the light-transmission into the canister and the ability to just look right through the side, and the reduced “weight penalty”, compared to the only other product we can afford, is great!  While camped at Badger Lakes on the PCT, just below Thousand Island Lake and Island Pass, we had a bear visit our kitchen/stash area about 100′ feet from us during the night. We didn’t hear a thing, but Yogi pulled our BearVault out from where it was stashed between a rock and log. We found it about 20 feet away, covered in dust, paw marks, dried drool and a few scratches, but totally intact and secure. Our Reflectix cozy stashed with the stove didn’t fare so well, with a large and perfect impression of Yogi’s mouth where he folded it over and chomp-tested it! In addition to being secure, the seal on the BearVault is good enough that I simply walked the canister down to the lake and cleaned it off by splashing and rubbing, without even any concern about water getting inside.
Good stuff. We’re buying more for the Scout Troop.”   —Erik, Chrystal and Joe, 2011

“I backpacked the Teton Crest trail last summer. I used my BearVault on the trail and had a black bear try really hard to get into it. He put a lot of deep gashes on the lid but was never able to get into it. The deep gouges are kind of like a souvenir from the trip. I also have another manufacturer’s bear canister but I like yours better. They are lighter. They also don’t get water in them if I forget to turn them upside down and it rains.”  —Paula, 2008

“I have used Bear Vaults on about 8 trips in the Sierras and in Oregon and they have performed flawlessly. In Yosemite and on the JMT they were checked out by bears every night and we had no problem at all. I really like the fact that I can see what is inside. Thank you for selling such a good product and standing behind it.”—Ward, 2007

“Love your products! I was just on a 10 day backpacking trip in Denali National Park. Here is a photo of a grizzly trying to get into my BV400. Barely even a scratch on it when he was done.backpacker2004editorschoice
Keep up the great work!”  —Zack, 2007